2013 Remnantmods Layout & Theme

Posted Monday 18, 2013 by: JacksonCougar

It's 2013! To celebrate our continued existence I give you a more modern-looking, compact theme for you to look at while browsing Remnant. Not much has changed: the code is pretty much the same as before, but the layout uses less images and resources and should render faster than the old one.

I really hope you guys like the new look but leave any feedback you have about it and I'll do my best to tweak it to be better.

XBConnect & XBL: H1, H2, H3 Fun!

Posted Thursday 6, 2012 by: DoorM4n

Hey guys, I've been regularly hosting XBConnect servers, playing mostly Halo 2. Join in! I usually have great pings and no lag, and play in the evenings. I play all types of gametypes that are generally non-host advantage style games. I don't mod or anything in the server, and I just play to whoop some ass. Feel free to join in or add me as a friend on XBC--DoorMan--and you can see how much fun we have.

Xbox Live:
I recently purchased Halo 3 and Reach, and I'll trade off between these three games (+H2) throughout the week. Add me on XBL, and we can whoop some ass together! :XP:
My XBL is DoorM4n.

Long Live Halo!! 8-)

Website Under Construction

Posted Tuesday 27, 2010 by: JacksonCougar

Well, after nearly a year of false starts and stops I am determined to give Remnantmods the makeover it deserves. So far I have found the time to replace the Remnantmods Portal with a front-end that I created just for us. It has been nearly a year in the making, and has given me grief since day one, but I do hope you like it. If there are things that you dislike or think should be added I am happy to listen to your suggestions: just leave a comment below!

I still plan on working on a phpBB3 forum theme for us as well as some other php goodness if I find the willpower and time to do all the work that needs to be done.

Hope you enjoy the new front-page!


And about the forums: I killed the old theme during a process I undertook to try and get rid of a bug that was plaguing the old forums. Hopefully everything is back to working order now.

Halomods coming back

Posted Saturday 22, 2011 by: Grimdoomer

Over the past few days there has been a topic in the Cafe about kornman bringing halomods back. That topic has been removed.

I am going to address the situation. Kornman is bringing back Halomods. Halomods is being brought back to show that after all these years; after all the forum merges, after all the times the database has been destroyed and every link was broken, after every time the forum crashed, we still have something to show for it—instead of a dead domain.

Sparadic Services May Occur...

Posted Friday 7, 2010 by: JacksonCougar

I shall attempt to create a phpBB3 theme for the forums based upon the current front-page. This will be happening today, during daylight hours, unlike how I have tried to make changes in the past: which was to code at night. So if a page throws an error when you try to go to it don't immediately panic. Chances are I have seen the error and am working on a quick fix: just keep hitting F5...

In the off-chance that you start to feel panicked at the changes appearing before you I have put an intense amount of effort into an easy to read guide to the changes that are happening on Remnantmods right now. You may find this at ...



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